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2"Эрнст энд Янг"
3ABLV Bank
7Garuda Indonesia - The Airline of Indonesia
8Kazakhmys PLC
13АБ "БПФ" (ЗАО)
15АО "Казахтелеком"
16АО "СК "Коммеск-Омір"
17Банк "Возрождение" (ОАО)
19Госкорпорация "Росатом"
21Группа компаний "ПРОТЕК"
22Евразийский Банк
24ЗАО "Райффайзенбанк"
26ЗАО ЮниКредит Банк
29ОАО "АИК Пензенской облаcти"
30ОАО "АК "Полярные авиалинии"
31ОАО "Акрон"
33ОАО "Атомредметзолото"
34ОАО "Аэропорт Архангельск"
35ОАО "Аэрофлот"
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Kazakhmys PLC

Веб-сайт: www.kazakhmys.com

Kazakhmys is a leading natural resources group with its principal operations in Kazakhstan and the surrounding countries of Central Asia. The core business is in the production and sale of copper, with interests in other metals produced as by-products including gold, zinc and silver. The Group also has interests in power generation, owning four power stations in Kazakhstan making it the largest provider of electricity in Kazakhstan. The Group is part of the FTSE 100 index of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of 2.5 billion of pounds. It listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2011, and is also listed on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. The Group also has a 26% stake in Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC (ENRC), with a market capitalisation of 7 billion of pounds, also based in Kazakhstan. Kazakhmys is the only major fully integrated copper producer able to process all of its own ore into finished metal, producing around 90% of all copper produced in Kazakhstan and is one of the top worldwide. The Group employs some 60,000 people, principally in Kazakhstan but also in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Годовой отчет участника

The 2011 Annual Report and Accounts provides detail and context around the Group’s $6 billion investment pipeline, which is one of the largest in Central Asia. It also reports on performance against the Group’s new organisational structure. The 2011 Annual Report and Accounts has a special feature ‘Investment for Growth’, which explains the investments Kazakhmys is making across its business to expand and optimise its operations. Introduced by the Group’s strategy, it outlines the five main areas of investment, providing details and case studies. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) section incorporates financial and operational issues of material importance to the Group and refers to the alignment of these measures to the Group’s strategy. There is a clear link to the Group’s non-financial KPIs, which are included in the Corporate Responsibility section. Online, a direct link is provided from one page to the other. The Corporate Responsibility section is introduced by the chairman of the Group Health, Safety and Environment Committee and includes KPIs showing performance over time. It is brought to life with the use of case studies. The Senior Independent Director opens the Corporate Governance section with a personal letter detailing progress made during the year. The ‘governance highlights’ are positioned at the end of this letter, ‘owned’ by the Company Secretary, which provide the reader with an understanding of how the Board performed against the 2011 stated key objectives. The 2011 Annual Report and Accounts is available online as a 50-50 HTML report, with the Corporate Governance, Remuneration and Financial Accounts sections available as PDF downloads. The design is reflective of the printed report and adapted to take advantage of the online medium. The online Annual Report provides an overview of this investment strategy on the homepage so all users are exposed to the key messages. Users can then go directly to the case studies, or they can explore the online Annual Report in full.

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